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PINTS: Stories Behind the Beer Film Series Release - March 31st

We are finally finished with the first episode of PINTS: Stories Behind the Beer. Mark it on your calendars! March 31st, at the Landmark Saloon in Portland, OR. We'll screen the first episode, Reaching Terminal Gravity. Check out our Facebook page for more information @Pintsfilmseries.

PINTS is a short documentary film series on the personal stories and beginnings of the craft beer revolution and how it was built. So, why shoot a documentary series about beer? Behind every good beer is a great story about how it was made, the struggle to start and grow a business, and the personal win's and losses along the way. We can't wait to continue the series. Sign up to receive our posts and we will reveal the Oregon LEGEND we'll be shooting with for Episode 2.

Tune into Facebook HERE to watch the online premiere March 31st.

View the 1-minute teaser below.

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