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Watch History Channel's "The American Farm" Premiere April 4th

Last year, I had the privilege of working with Bobcat Studios on this docu-follow TV series for the History Channel. I spent 3 months living on the Meyers Farm in Bethel, Alaska, learning how they grow food in the tundra.

Watch this series to see the stories of 5 different farms from across the country as they grow our food from planting season to harvest. I learned a lot from the Meyers family while working with them on this series. My biggest takeaway? Patience. Finding special, unguarded moments of life on the farm in rural Alaska took time and took being there - a lot. Some times it worked and some times I failed miserably. I had a good mix of both and am thankful for all of it. Watching Tim teach his grandchildren how to farm is something that I'll take with me through the rest of my life and I hope you can, too.

So how does West Bound Filmworks fit into this post? Story first. In every project we take on, we approach it with story-above-all attitude, but never sacrificing the quality needed to deliver that story in world saturated with content. Everyone's story matters. Whether it's your brand, personal or both - how will you tell it?

Check out the teaser below:

Thanks for reading!

- Ryan

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